Get Involved

Hope Chapel Del Rey offers a variety of Growth Groups that are designed to help you learn God’s Word and grow in relationship with other members of Hope Chapel. For a description of each please review the list below.

Groups are open to all that wish to attend, member and non-member alike.  Our Growth Groups represent the theological view of Hope Chapel del Rey as written in it’s statement of faith (see “What We Believe”).There are a few guidelines we ask the participants to observe so all can benefit by the groups.

Please honor the leadership that is placed in each group. They are there to keep the group focused and lead the study.  Please follow his or her lead.
Questions are welcomed that are germane to the study itself, however, please avoid irrelevant questions, debated theological issues or expressing one’s personal view which can lead to dissention and discord within the group.

Please refrain from voicing and discussing one’s political views.
You are welcome to direct any question on any topic to the church leadership by writing to

Thank you,

Pastor Lloyd

Men's Bible Study


8:30AM - 10:30AM
Zoom: Please call the office (310) 337-7510 for the link.

Women's Bible Study


Women of Hope Bible Study
9:30AM - 12:30AM
In the sanctuary

Study of The Sermon on the Mount
1:15PM - 3:15PM
In the sanctuary