Current Sunday Series:

Book of Hebrews

Join us for our verse by verse study of one of the most significant books in the Bible.  The book of Hebrews was written to Hebrew Christians of the 1st century who had experienced the wonderful liberation of the New Covenant in Christ from the legalism of the Old Covenant under Moses.  They were under attack by hard line Jews to give up their faith and liberty in Christ and return to the Old Testament form of Judaism.  The writer makes it clear that the Old Testament sacrificial system and even the priesthhood itself, with all its rituals, washings and liturgical requirements have been replaced by the final and complete sacrifice of the Lamb of God-Jesus Christ!  Christ’s sacrifice was done once and for all, making perfect forever those that come to God through him.

 LISTEN to Sunday’s Message Here:

April 16, 2017: “Peter’s First Sermon”- Pastor Mark Koukl

April 23, 2017:  ” Forgiveness Forever”- Pastor Mark Koukl

April 30, 2017: “Through the Veil”-John Simon

May 7, 2017: “Forsaking the Assembly”- Mark Koukl



Hope Chapel del Rey

7299 W. Manchester Ave, LA 90045


Hope Chapel del Rey is one block west of Lincoln at the N/E corner of Manchester and Rayford.
Handicap access in front and back. Lots of street parking.  
Friendly, casual atmosphere. Hope to see you here!

Service Time: 11:00 am



A Word from Pastor Mark Koukl

Dear Friends,

Hope Chapel del Rey is not a church for “everyone”.  We have found that churches that make this claim often appeal to the consumer mentality of the modern Christian church.  We do not believe in “selling” our ministry with fancy logos, performance style worship and “something for everyone” claims.  However, we do believe in the God given authority of Scripture, the teaching of sound doctrine, the un-compromised Gospel of Jesus Christ, the unity of the church and the fellowship of believers.    We believe that the diversity of a church represented in gender, age, culture, ethnicity and background is the best reflection of the true body of Christ.  We believe that Love, as defined by Scripture, is the greatest evidence of the risen Christ among us.

Our church is organized under three simple categories: The Sunday Celebration, Growth Groups and Discipleship Groups.  The most important being discipleship groups.  Jesus commanded us to “go and make disciples”.  Discipleship is the life blood of Christ’s church and it is his means of growing and nurturing his church.  I like to say that the Sunday Celebration is a commitment to learn God’s Word;  Growth Groups are a commitment to share your gifts and Disciple Groups are a commitment to reproduce yourself in others.

We are not a church for everybody, but we may be a church for you.  Come and join us.

God’s best,

Pastor Mark