Current Sunday Series:

Book of Hebrews


Our Church At A Glance

SUNDAY CELEBRATION-11:00AM                                                                                                                                        


Sunday Celebration is the corporate gathering of the church members for Worship, Teaching, Prayer, Communion and Fellowship.  Sunday School is provided for the children ages 5 through 5th grade.  Jr. high and high schoolers  attend the morning worship service.


Semesters- 3 months on and 1 month off

Growth Groups are about making friends and growing in Christ by providing opportunities to use your gifts, talents and experiences to serve others.  These groups are varied in their focus from special interests (painting, running, music, etc.)  to in-depth Bible studies. (See Growth Group Page for classes)



Discipleship Groups are the most important ministry of our church.  These groups of 3-4 people each are intentional about going deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  These groups focus on personal spiritual growth and evangelism.  Being baptized is a requirement to join one of these groups.  Matthew 28:18-20

We encourage all members to attend the Sunday Celebration and be involved in at least one Growth Group or Discipleship Group.     Acts 2:42


Hope del Rey is one block west of Lincoln at the N/E corner of Manchester and Rayford.
Handicap access in front and back. Lots of street parking.  
Friendly, casual atmosphere. Hope to see you here!


A Word from Pastor Mark Koukl

Dear Friends,

Hope Chapel del Rey is not a church for “everyone”.  We have found that churches that make this claim often appeal to the consumer mentality of the modern Christian church.  We do not believe in “selling” our ministry with fancy logos, performance style worship and “something for everyone” claims.  However, we do believe in the God given authority of Scripture, the teaching of sound doctrine, the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ, the unity of the church and the fellowship of believers.    We believe that the diversity of a church represented in gender, age, culture, ethnicity and background is the best reflection of the true body of Christ.  We believe that Love, as defined by Scripture, is the greatest evidence of the risen Christ among us.

Our church is organized under three simple categories: The Sunday Celebration, Growth Groups and Discipleship Groups.  The most important being discipleship groups.  Jesus commanded us to “go and make disciples”.  Discipleship is the life blood of Christ’s church and it is his means of growing and nurturing his church.  I like to say that the Sunday Celebration is a commitment to learn God’s Word;  Growth Groups are a commitment to share your gifts and Disciple Groups are a commitment to reproduce yourself in others.

We are not a church for everybody, but we may be a church for you.  Come and join us.

God’s best,

Pastor Mark