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“Esther Says Yes”- Esther Chapter 4:7-17 – Mark Koukl- July 8, 2018

“Haman’s Plan to Kill the Jews” PART 2-Esther Chapter 3:8-15- Frank Di Pasquale-June 10, 2018

The Sovereignty of God in the Circumstances of Men”Haman’s Plan to Kill the Jews” PART 1- Esther Chapter 3: 1-8 -Frank Di Pasquale- May 27, 2018

The Sovereignty of God in the Circumstances of Men- “Esther Made Queen”-PART 2-Mark Koukl- May 20, 2018

The Sovereignty of God in the Circumstances of Men- “Esther Made Queen”-PART 1-Mark Koukl- May 13, 2018

“Queen Vashti Refuses the King”- John Simon-April 30th



Hope Chapel del Rey


7299 W. Manchester Ave, LA 90045


Hope Chapel del Rey is one block west of Lincoln at the N/E corner of Manchester and Rayford.
Parking: Parking is located behind the church.  Disabled spots are provided.  Street parking is also available.  
Friendly, casual atmosphere. Hope to see you here!  

Service Time: 11:00 am

A Word from Pastor Mark Koukl

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our web sight!  We are a church that is dedicated to Jesus Christ and the preaching of God’s word.  We come together each Sunday to Enjoy God and Enjoy One Another through Worship, being taught God’s Word and Fellowship.   Our congregation is small and joyful.  Our teaching style is expository, meaning we study the Word verse by verse, letting it speak for itself rather than bringing our ideas to God’s word in a topical format.  We are an elder led church and the teaching is shared among 3 qualified teachers.  We have Sunday school for grade school children, grades 6 and above join the adults in the sanctuary for worship and the teaching. .  We believe that the integration of young adults in our main service is healthy and leads to greater maturity and spiritual formation.  Nursery is provided as needed.

A little bit about what we believe.  (this is not a comprehensive statement of faith)

We believe in the God given authority of Scripture, the teaching of sound doctrine, the un-compromised Gospel of Jesus Christ, the unity of the church and the fellowship of believers.    We believe that the diversity of a church represented in gender, age, culture, ethnicity and background is the best reflection of the true body of Christ.  We believe that Love, as defined by Scripture, is the greatest evidence of the risen Christ among us.

Our church is organized under three simple categories: The Sunday Celebration, Growth Groups and Discipleship Groups.  Sunday Celebration is a commitment to learn God’s Word; Growth Groups are a commitment to share your gifts and Discipleship Groups are a commitment to reproduce yourself in others.

Come and join us.

God’s best,

Pastor Mark